Printing - T1 General - Condensed return

For the 2011 tax year, the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) has developed a new version of the T1 General return called "T1 General - Condensed 2011" that is generated via the program. This three-page condensed version of the T1 General return is identified on page 1 as the "CRA version" and is created with a new keying field summary form, "Form T1-KFS", which contains the required field codes and related values printed in a condensed format. The T1 General - Condensed return, Form T1-KFS, and any additional required forms and schedules not included on Form T1-KFS are printed by the program. This results in less paper being required, thereby supporting sustainable development, while realizing savings in mailing and storage costs.

If you file your return in paper version, print only the T1 General - Condensed return to send to the CRA. The T1 General - Condensed return as generated by the program contains all the information required to process the return.

Please take note that if any or all of a single client's "regular" T1 General is sent to the CRA along with the T1 General - Condensed return, the processing of the return will be delayed.

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