I am student. How and where do I enter the code to get the free offer?

UFile ONLINE's Free for Students promotion with the Canadian Federation of Students requires that the following conditions be met:

1. You must be a resident of Canada, have tuition fees and have attended school for at least one month during the tax year.

2. You must also be designated as the FAMILY HEAD (the primary member of the family) for purposes of your tax file in UFile.

For details, please visit our website:


To accept the offer:

1. Log in to your UFile account.
2. Enter your tuition fees and months at school.
3. Click "Next".
4. In the "QuikClik Navigator", please locate the "Special offer" * form.
5. Enter the special offer code and then click "Next".

* Note: The special offer code is not a voucher. The code is not to be entered on the "Payment" page as a voucher as this will not provide you with the offered promotion.

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