Login - Not able to Sign in

If you are having difficulties to sign in to your account, here are some suggestions:

1. Make sure to sign in at: 


2. Check the date and time on your computer;
3. If you have the box "Remember my username" checked, please uncheck it.

Then try to sign in to the account again.

If you continue to have difficulties we also suggest you:
1. Update your current web browser; 
2. Try a different web browser;
3. Clear the cache from your hard disk, for it is possible that your browser is unable to access the latest script files. To clear the cache, please visit the CRA website to obtain instructions pertaining to your specific browser at:


Once you have cleared your cache, close the entire browser; reopen your browser and try to sign into the UFile ONLINE account again.

Be sure to enter your sign in information under "Sign in" and choose the appropriate tax year. Furthermore, make sure that you are entering your password exactly as you created it. Note that the password is case sensitive and any extra space or character will return a wrong password entry. Finally, check and make sure your "Caps Lock" is not on. 

ID: 20160923161420NIX.xml

Webpage: KPW120-20160923161420NI.htm